Friday, April 13, 2012

The Other Woman: 4 Tips For Dealing With A Potential Homewrecker

It seems as if some girls have a radar that activates as soon as a guy gets a girlfriend. Instantly that newly taken guy becomes insanely attractive, and, all of a sudden, homewrecking girls cease at nothing to come between you and your man.

If you have an immature girl who just doesn’t get the memo that a) your man is taken, b) he’s happy, or c) he finds her annoying as hell, then girl, you must take action. Try these four easy steps that will finally banish this homewrecker for good.

Watch first: The first step when you spot a homewrecker is to watch her. You need to do this subtly, not in a bitch-I-see-you way. By doing this, you can see if she actually is a threat to you. So watch what she says, check out her body language, and decipher if she’s flirting or not. If she isn’t doing any of those things, then back off and let it be. But, if she is, then on to step two we go.

Talk to your man: Some guys are oblivious when girls are flirting with them. Heck, my boyfriend didn’t know I was for quite some time in the beginning. This can lead to him unconsciously flirting back with her. If this happens, talk to him about it in a way that isn’t defensive. Stay calm, explain what you’ve seen her do, and ask him to be careful when she’s around.

Take action: If that girl just keeps on trying, then it’s time to pull out the big guns. Even though there have been many times where I was on the edge of starting a bit of a catfight (where I would win, of course) I didn’t. I’ve dealt with a homewrecker in every relationship I’ve been in, so to say I’m frustrated is an understatement.

Physical violence isn’t the answer: It never is – so stay calm. Either a) talk to her in a non-threatening way that says “back off”, b) talk to her friends and see if they would be willing to talk some sense into her, or c) get your boyfriend to stop talking to her completely. It can seem like a controlling thing to do, but if it’s getting in the way of your relationship, then it must be done.

After you use all these steps, this girl should back off for good. If not, take a couple fighting classes and watch some UFC… jussst kidding. Best of luck, ladies!

By: Sarah Kester | Image: Source


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