Sunday, March 4, 2012

Mind and Body Reads: Miranda Kerr’s Treasure Yourself

Since my latest obsession is everything Victoria’s Secret, I decided to check out what makes these women so gorgeous and amazing inside and out. Miranda Kerr, one of my biggest inspirations and favourite VS model, is one that surprised me the most. While on her website, KORA, an organics skin-care line run by her and her mother, I found that she has written a book. It’s called Treasure Yourself, and it truly has changed my life.

That might be a big assumption to make, but it’s true. I admire the VS models so much, because a lot of them are so much more than just pretty faces. A lot of them were bullied as children and teenagers. But once they did turn into the gorgeous ladies that they are, they kept their genuine, amazing personalities. But it was Miranda who seemed to be the most grounded of them all.

Miranda’s novel is all about empowering young adults. It starts off by telling her personal story, such as her childhood and where she grew up. She explains how she was blessed to have such amazing support from family and friends. But she, too, just like us regular folks, has experienced tragedy and set-backs. When she was sixteen, her boyfriend of two years died suddenly in a car crash.

She talks about using positive affirmations to uplift her life. The whole second half of the book is devoted to different, positive affirmations, which she also explains  in her own words. As soon as I began reading these, I started using them in my life and noticed a change. For example, I began repeating and reinforcing statements like, “I forgive myself.” With this, I felt a sudden positive change.

And like I hoped, she includes how she stays healthy and happy. She devotes a lot of her time to donating to charities, doing yoga, meditation, and eating organic food. Plus, she gives awesome relationship advice – some that will be useful in relationships with boyfriends, family and friends.

Miranda Kerr, hands down, is so down-to-earth and inspiring. If you’re going through some challenges in your life right now, or just want an up-lift, then go out and get this book. You can go to your local bookstore and get it, buy an e-book online, or go to her KORA website and order it from there. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.

By: Sarah Kester | Image: Source


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