Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Organizing Your life: Clean Up And Get Back On Track

Since it’s the beginning of a new year, this is the perfect time to start over and reorganize your life. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be giving you tips on how to slowly de-clutter your life and get everything back on track. It’s time to stop procrastinating and get everything together.

Let’s start with the dreaded closet:

1. Take everything out (yes, everything) and get rid of what’s not wanted
As you remove things from your closet, you will probably begin finding pieces that you thought had been lost forever. Filter through everything and decide what you wear and what you don’t wear, what fits and what doesn’t fit, and what’s in style and what isn’t. Box up the pieces that you are getting rid of and find a Goodwill or consignment shop to donate them too. Some places might even pay you for your clothes. 

2. Organize by season
Once you have an empty closet, take a deep breath and start filling it back up. Place the clothes that are in the current season (if it’s winter, this would mean coats, jackets, pants, sweaters, etc.) in the area that is easiest to get to because you will likely be wearing them more. Place your out-of-season clothes either in a drawer or tote until they will be needed again or, if your closet if large enough, place them to the side where they are still seen but not in the way.

3. Organize by piece and material
After you’ve organized your clothes according to season, put similar pieces together. For example, put all of your jackets next to each other and all of your jeans next to each other. Once you have that done, you can organize everything by material. For instance, cottons next to cottons, leather next to leather, etc. This part is optional.

Tip: If you are able to have two clothing rods in your closet (one above another one), do it. The top rod can be for shirts and jackets while the bottom can be for jeans, pants, and skirts.

4. Place shoes in a shoe rack or on a shelf
You have shoes everywhere and no place to put them. Instead of throwing them at the bottom of your closet, purchase a shoe rack or shelf that will fit in your closet. You could also buy an over-the-door organizer.

5. Put accessories together
For purses and bags, you have many possibilities. You can purchase a plastic tote, shelf or special hangers for them all. For scarves, one idea is to purchase an over-the-door rack to hang them on. This rack can also be used to hang hats, jackets and purses.

For any other accessories, see how they fit in your closet. Can they be hung up? Should they be stored away?

Once you have your closet organized and cleaned, you’ll get an instant feeling of accomplishment and relief.

By: Anna Taylor | Image: Source


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