Saturday, December 17, 2011

Nutrition To Go: Healthy Airport and Road Trip Eats

The holidays are a tough time for the waistline without having to deal with the stress and fast food temptations of travel. The ease and price of fast food are an easy sell, and the convenience is hard to beat. With a few easy options though, you can avoid pigging out while you travel and save your splurges for fun with family and friends.

Nuts are great for supplying protein and are always easy to pack. Try a handful of roasted almonds or some pistachios on the go, and you’ll stay full and energized for hours. Jerky is another amazing source of protein. While most brands are high in sodium, you can search for low-sodium varieties to get your protein without the calories.

Edamame, either shelled or in pods, pack a huge protein and healthy fat punch also. These soybeans are an excellent super food and perfect for on the go girls. Just cook them before your trip, and you’re all set for the road or open sky.

If you have more of a sweet tooth, try packing bananas or oranges. Since the fruits have peels, you won’t have to worry about a wrapper. Dried fruit is also great for you and easy to carry. Pick up an assortment of dried fruits; just be sure to pick some that aren’t “candied” because those are coated with excessive sugar.

When you’re on the go, stick to our snack recommendations, and you’ll be healthy through the holidays.

By: Collis Hancock | Image: Source


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