Monday, November 21, 2011

Relationship Checklists: How To Spot A Jerk

Take it from me – I’ve got plenty of experience in the “dating jerks” department. In fact, you could say I’m an expert. Thankfully, it’s a stage I finally grew out of. Now that I’ve seen the light, it seems only fair to share what I’ve learned after years of trial and error. Hopefully this checklist will help you quickly determine if the guy you’re eyeing is worthy of your time – or if his time is up.

He flakes out. Sure, unexpected things sometimes come up with work or family. But if a guy acts super serious about you when you’re together, then it’s radio silence when you’re apart, it could be a red flag. Canceling plans or forgetting to text you back can be chalked up to dudes just being clueless sometimes, but if you’ve been all dressed up with nowhere to go for more than one Friday night because he accidentally “fell asleep” at 8PM or his “phone died,” it’s time to delete his number.

He acts differently around his friends. When you’re together, things are all hand-holdy and lovey-dovey. But then the “boys” come around, and he’s suddenly cold and distant. I find this to be characteristic of immaturity and someone who’s not comfortable in his own skin. If he goes so far as to be mean and put you down in front of them, even in a joking way? Head for the door and don’t look back.

Catch him in a lie – even if it’s a small one. He said he had to work late, but there are Facebook pictures of him tagged at a bar (not that you were stalking his Facebook – were you? Don’t do that!). He said he and that girl are “just friends,” then you find out they used to date. He said his parents are dead, but they’re really just estranged... OK, so maybe I got that last one from Mad Men. But a lie is a lie, and if he’ll tell you a little lie, who’s to say he won’t also tell you a big giant one?

Ladies, believe me. There are seven billion people in this world – life is too short to date sucky guys (or girls, or whoever you want to date!). You should completely trust the person you choose to spend your time with, and they should make you feel awesome. If they don’t? On to the next!

By: Caroline Cox | Image: Source


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