Saturday, November 12, 2011

Healthy Snacks: How To Make Homemade Nut Butter

Peanut butter is a great source of protein and healthy fat. In thepast few years, people have also become more familiar with alternative nutbutters such as almond, hazelnut, cashew and walnut.

Commercially made peanut butters often contain trans fats, whichis what keeps room temperature peanut butter from separating.  Trans fats clog your arteries and hit youdouble in terms of cholesterol by loweringyour good cholesterol white simultaneously raising your badcholesterol. 

Studies have shown that trans fats may be linked to numeroushealth conditions from coronary disease to infertility, cancer and diabetes soit’s definitely in your best interest to avoid them.

Even if the label says Zero Grams Trans Fat, the nut butter couldstill have smaller amounts of trans fats; if an item has less than half a gramof trans fat per serving, the FDA does not require it to be on the label. Youcan check and seeif a product has trans fats by looking for partially or fully hydrogenatedoils in the ingredient list.  If eitheris present, don’t buy it.

Another way to play it safe is to make your own nut butters, whichlets you pick the nut and alter the flavor to your specific taste.  All you do is throw some nuts, toasted or rawdepending on what flavor you prefer, into your food processor and blend untilsmooth. 

You can add a bit of oil if you’d like smoother nut butter, or addsalt, pepper and sugar to playaround with the flavor.  For a spicypeanut butter, I add sriracha sauce to the mixture. 

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